Thoughts On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a beautiful time for many of us, and spending the day with family allows us to create memories we will cherish. However, Mother’s Day can also be a difficult time for those who are dealing with loss – which can come in many forms.

This week we gathered with our clients to reflect on the many facets of being a mother, what it means to be a mom without our children in our lives, and the importance of women who share their maternal guidance with others who are without moms.

After reading over quotes about mothers, our group shared their thoughts and hopes about motherhood. One such goal was to focus on looking ahead to the future when children could be with their mom after years apart, and they could see her post-active addiction. Knowing that after all of this time, their mom was still loving and praying for them while working on sobriety.

Another focal point was that despite past mistakes, children can still thrive. The significance of moving past regret, when mothering wasn’t a priority, to make space for love and prayer is essential in the healing process.

Then there’s the opportunity, even without children, to mother and mentor. You never know who needs your support, and there are still ways to have an impact and love those around you.

After discussing ways to embrace Mother’s Day, even if there’s grief associated with the holiday, we came together to design and paint individual prayer rocks. They will serve as a reminder to pray for our children, our fellow mothers, and anyone we know who needs support in finding joy through pain. #LoveRestores

MeredithThoughts On Mother’s Day

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