How Can a Seed Die and Still Become a Plant?

The seed, which contains the fullest potential of life, ceases to be a seed so that the plant inside may live. Essentially, its original form has died, and the seed becomes something new. A similar question can be asked – like the seed, how can you die unto yourself and live anew?

That was the very question discussed during our annual client Easter party this year, where the story of Jesus’ resurrection and the teachings of Christ highlight the transformations that have taken place within the lives of both our staff and clients.

During our time with clients, we painted and planted flower pots to incorporate the theme of the seed within our day and used Resurrection Eggs to bring a greater understanding of Easter to the forefront. We also enjoyed a meal together, and each woman was able to bring home an Easter basket for their children so they could continue to reflect on and share the story of Jesus’ resurrection.

The theme of forgiveness is also central to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

The importance of forgiveness cannot be overstated in the journey that every one of the individuals in our programs must take to reach the other side of recovery and living life anew. 

Thistle Farms Founder Becca Stevens shared this beautiful message of forgiveness, and we believe it encapsulates how we can apply its transformative powers to our lives not only on this Good Friday but during our daily walk throughout the year.  #LoveRestores

MeredithHow Can a Seed Die and Still Become a Plant?

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