Storie Housing

Families Free serves women through gender-specific treatment utilizing trauma-informed care through intensive outpatient treatment groups, recovery skills groups, intensive case management, and parenting. Families Free serves women in four local jails utilizing evidence-based curriculums and case management services.

The Storie House is a private residence that can support and nurture five women from our program and up to four children, as well as provide a safe, sober place to live and integrate new life skills. This new addition will be overseen by Judy Clark, our Director of Women’s Services.

The home’s namesake comes from our Board Member Nancy Storie and is inspired by her generosity and dedication to the women in our program.

Basic Needs

Connect Food Banks, Transportation, Education, Medical/Dental, Housing, Legal Aid, Family Justice Center, Employment

Family Reunification

New Family Patterns of Communication, Moving from Maladaptive to Adaptive Family Patterns of Homeostasis

Family Therapy Sessions

Family/Couples Sessions, Therapeutic Visitation, In-home Services - Homemaker, Parenting, SA Tx for Family Members, Connect to Other Providers in Community

Family Education Services

Connect to Community Support, Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Faith-Based Community Support Communication Skills

A Fresh Start

The Storie House serves to create an environment where love can restore. Our vision for the home is that it will provide every woman the opportunity to achieve the fresh start she desires.

Family Centered Grant

Evidence-based family assessments including FAST, ACE, and other assessment tools; such as ecomaps and genograms are utilized to identify family strengths and barriers in relationship to providing healthy, effective family support in efforts of reducing recidivism.

Services include Intake/Assessment/FAST, Family Education Sessions, Community linkage to Support 12 step/Faith-Based, Office/Community-based Case management, Family therapy sessions, Couples Sessions, assistance in reunification efforts of parents/children separated by substance use/incarceration, Therapeutic/Supervised Visitation, Parenting Group, Parenting Individual In-home, Employment Skills, Life Skills, Recovery-Oriented Family Activities, and Referral Services for adults/children.
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Parenting Education Services

Nurturing Families of Tennessee is funded by the Department of Children’s Services, which serves families for 16 weeks through in-home parenting and education. Families Free provides this program to families with children at risk for going into foster care through a contract with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.
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