Our Programs

Families Free is a local non-profit organization celebrating its 15th year serving the community. We are a licensed treatment and mental health provider through the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

Through our programs, residential recovery services, and our commitment to community partnerships and justice systems, we emphasize teaching vital life skills through individual and group intervention and evidence-based curriculum promoting healing and restoration.

Healing Families

Parents and Child Together (PACT) provides vital support to women with drug-exposed infants up to age 8 through intensive outpatient and community-based programs. PACT focuses on nurturing the parent-child bond, offering tailored programming and resources for parenting, housing, employment, and mental health needs.
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Restorative Justice

The Northeast Tennessee Residential Center is a place where hope meets healing in the heart of our community. Operated by Families Free, the centers offer a transformative one-year program for men & women committed to overcoming addiction and reclaiming their lives. Our comprehensive program encompasses evidence-based treatment for substance abuse.
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Community Recovery

Families Free facilitates gender-specific groups in local detention centers, offering evidence-based programs like Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT®) and Thinking for a Change to equip participants with skills for successful re-entry. Office-based case management ensures ongoing support during the transition back into society.
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Storie Housing

Our “Storie Housing” is a beacon of love and restoration for women seeking fresh starts. Named after our compassionate Board Member, Nancy Storie, this sanctuary offers shelter and hope to up to 40 women and children. Thanks to our donors, women in our program stay here free, embracing sobriety and forging brighter futures.
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Celebrating  15years

of dedicated service to our community
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