All Is Calm, All Is Bright

The days surrounding Christmas can be filled to the brim, but then Christmas Eve arrives, and we are invited to be still and know; to reflect on God’s perfect love. 

“His plan is for us is to live in His love … He knows love is powerful enough to pull us outside our heads long enough to take a risk for other people. Let’s let perfect love be more powerful than fear.” – Bob Goff

We don’t often talk about the notion of fear when Christmas is mentioned, but fear can even be present during times of great celebration. Fear can cause some of us to fall back on destructive habits and can stop others from loving those around them.

It was His love that sent us His son – the redeemer. It’s redemption and the daily practice of letting God’s perfect love serve as our guide that is in keeping with this season of hope. Choosing love over fear is a risk, but it’s worth it to see how #LoveRestores our community.

God’s perfect love is always at the forefront during our annual client Christmas parties. It’s a special time when our team, board members, and clients come together to fellowship, share the importance of Christmas traditions, build gingerbread houses, and experience the effects of healing firsthand.

In addition to the IOP Christmas parties, the opportunity to hand-deliver care packages to inmates at the Johnson City Detention Center provides us with a very personal moment to share and see God’s love. Knowing that the women we met with will be spending the holidays away from their family, we wanted to ensure that they can take the time to enjoy a Little Debbie cake and receive much-needed items such as toothpaste, a new toothbrush, and shampoo. We also provided them with a devotional to have by their side.

From all of us at Families Free, we want to thank our board members, volunteers, JCDC administrators and correctional officers, and First Christian Church for facilitating the opportunities to reflect and show love this Christmas.  #LoveRestores

MeredithAll Is Calm, All Is Bright

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