Woven Coffee

Experience The Richness And Warmth That Transforms Communities Around The World.

The production of our Woven Blend Coffee impacts communities across the globe and the proceeds do the very same. Our coffee sales help Families Free provide programs and outreach that meet the needs of women, children, and families in our community.

A Story About Coffee

How the production of our Woven Blend impacts communities

  • Just as the name suggests, Woven is a true blend. The coffee beans we utilize are harvested from several different countries. Our partnerships with Fair Trade co-ops ensure we receive the best  certified organic beans possible.

    Kokowagayo, a women’s coffee co-op based out of the Gayo region of Sumatra, harvest beans we use to make our coffee. They are the first all-female cooperative in Sumatra, and we feel blessed to help support and restore the women of Kokowagayo.

  • Once the coffee beans arrive here in East Tennessee, they are professionally roasted at The Coffee Company’s facilities. The Coffee Company also employs people in recovery directly from Families Free – another way in which Woven coffee is assisting the region.

  • The coffee is then packaged and distributed by Bellafina Chocolates, along with our artisan chocolate gift boxes. Bellafina provides women with sustainable employment and gives them opportunities to learn new skills and meet their goals.

You can experience or purchase our Woven Blend Coffee from many local retailers, restaurants, and churches:

If your church, business, or group is interested in serving or selling Woven, please contact Stephanie (at stephanie@familiesfree.com) for more information.

Who To Contact

Research Coordinator, MA:
Stephanie Elliott-Carr

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