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First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court

Families Free holds the contract for the First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court, which serves both males and females who are at high risk for recidivism and have a high need. Individuals are clinically assessed for recidivism potential, substances use disorder, mental health disorder, environmental concerns, and familial relationships for acceptance into the program.

Families Free provides evidenced-based holistic treatment for individuals involved with the criminal justice system rooted in substance use; this includes intensive outpatient services, gender-specific trauma groups for males/females, outpatient groups/individuals, yoga, parenting education, and family therapy. Clients are provided access to psychiatric evaluations including medication support and training.

Research demonstrates recovery courts reduce crime, save money, and restore families.

More research has been published on drug courts and other problem-solving courts than virtually all other criminal justice programs combined. Hundreds of studies prove beyond a reasonable doubt that adult drug courts, DUI courts, family drug courts, and mental health courts improve justice system outcomes and can return net financial benefits to taxpayers.
(Marlowe, et al., 2016, p. 32)

Jail Classes / Therapeutic Groups

Families Free works in four local detention centers facilitating gender-specific groups for females. Families Free facilitates evidenced-based programming; such as Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT® which is a highly effective, evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral counseling program for substance abuse treatment and the criminal justice offender populations, Thinking for a Change, and Freedom Recovery Re-Entry and Pro-Social Skills class. Participants are provided office-based case management to assist in their re-entry and linked to treatment, mental health, and community resources within the geographic region for which the client is returning.

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