Grace and Grit – March ’23 Recovery Court Graduation

Life-changing. Miraculous. Empowering.

These three words were chosen by Danny, Jerry, and Tabitha to describe their time in the First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court program.

Last night, we gathered to congratulate our most recent graduates and celebrate their hard work and achievements. Since 2017, 28 people have completed the recovery court program, and now Danny, Jerry, and Tabitha can be counted among those who have walked alongside their peers in recovery.

FJDFRC Team members Judge Lisa Rice and Judge Stacy Street commended the graduates and thanked them for their hard work. “This group is phenomenal. I think they are some of the best we have ever had. We are grateful, thankful, and proud of you. We are so excited for this group,” Judge Rice said.

“Grace and grit are what it takes to succeed in the program. Grit comes from the hard work you must put in and is present every single day. But there’s a point that you reach before grace and grit. Before you can do that in the program, a relationship, or your job – you have to surrender. You have to surrender to recovery and trust the team. Our graduates realize that’s the only way they are going to succeed. That’s where the grit comes in and what gets you grace.” Judge Street said.

These three have shown exceptional determination and strength, and the FJDFRC team is immensely proud of their accomplishments. We are excited about their futures and the positive impact they will make in their communities. #LoveRestores

Thanks again to Judge Rice, Judge Street, and Carter County Mayor Patty Woodby for speaking at last night’s ceremony. We loved seeing family, friends, current and past program participants, and members of the First Judicial Felony Recovery Court team come out to support the graduates and honor them on this occasion.

Sam Buchanan of ColorWorks and Andy Wilson of Mapes Piano String Company were in attendance last night, and we wanted to echo Judge Rice’s gratitude for these businesses. They ensure employment with benefits for those in our program, and they also accommodate recovery schedules. This understanding helps ensure they have time to attend classes, stay active in support groups, and maintain a solid foundation for their recovery.

*Programs partially funded by the TN Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TNDMHSAS)

MeredithGrace and Grit – March ’23 Recovery Court Graduation

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