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Alexandra was enrolled in our Woven Program and has just completed parenting education and all recommended motivational harm reduction group sessions. She has visitation with her son and her UA’s have only been positive for what she is prescribed. She states that through the parenting education she has learned things she has never thought of before and she would like to seek our support when she is ready to stop using medically assisted treatment. She has met all of her case management goals except for paying off the fines to obtain her license, but she is working towards this.

Janessa who has completed IOP and continues with aftercare has 8 months clean. She has regained custody of her children, entered a program to help her obtain permanent housing for her and her children, and continues to seek insight into her addiction.

Angela who graduated our IOP and completed our aftercare programming celebrated one year clean 1/12/16 at a community 12 step meeting with her family members being present and part of the celebration.

Bradley has worked with us since July in therapeutic visitation. Bradley has worked his way through the perm plan and was able to complete all the goals. They currently just started his trial home pass with the boys.


roxanneThrough a referral from a local agency, Families Free began helping a family caught up in the cycles of incarceration. Roxanne was a mother of three children, ages 3, 7 and 13. Her husband recently re-entered prison and left Roxanne and her children in a vulnerable situation. When Roxanne’s father died, she could no longer manage on her own. Families Free was asked to assist Roxanne in addressing some of her most immediate needs – shut-off notices on her water and electricity. We also linked her with resources to repair and make her home livable for the winter. By connecting Roxanne to these resources, we hoped to strengthen this family unit. Our goal was to enable them to overcome these challenges so that they can move forward into a healthier, more productive living.


Families Free was connected with Felicia through our Community Impact program.  Felicia is a great example of who we’re helping…and why.  Felicia was referred to us by the Department of Children’s Services.  At the time our staff got involved in her life, she was living in a camper with her three children.  She had previously been in jail for 3 years, and was having trouble getting a job (with a felony on her record).  Naturally, she was having a hard time getting her life back on track.
How Families Free Helps… As case manager, one of the first steps Lisa took was to help Felicia get into housing through the Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Felicia credits this with helping her get stability back into her life.  She states that it is helping her save money as she seeks a new job.  She has experienced kindness through the various churches and volunteers at IHN.  And, she has been pleased that IHN makes no false promises – everything they promise, they have delivered.
Felicia has also worked with Diane through a parenting curriculum, which she says is helping her know how to communicate with and effectively manage her children.  Felicia also says that the simple friendship she has felt from Lisa, Diane, and Vicki has truly helped her out.  She recalls a simple, but memorable few moments at a book store one day after a mental health appointment with Lisa.  She says that the loneliness of her situation has made things worse…but the relationships she is building through Families Free is helping her get back on track.
Felicia “appreciates everything Families Free has done” for her.  She looks forward to finding a job, permanent housing, and continuing be involved with Families Free and IHN throughout this process.

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