Recent Success Stories

Alexandra was enrolled in our Woven Program and has just completed parenting education and all recommended motivational harm reduction group sessions. She has visitation with her son and her UA’s have only been positive for what she is prescribed. She states that through the parenting education she has learned things she has never thought of before and she would like to seek our support when she is ready to stop using medically assisted treatment. She has met all of her case management goals except for paying off the fines to obtain her license, but she is working towards this.

Janessa who has completed IOP and continues with aftercare has 8 months clean. She has regained custody of her children, entered a program to help her obtain permanent housing for her and her children, and continues to seek insight into her addiction.

Angela who graduated our IOP and completed our aftercare programming celebrated one year clean 1/12/16 at a community 12 step meeting with her family members being present and part of the celebration.

Bradley has worked with us since July in therapeutic visitation. Bradley has worked his way through the perm plan and was able to complete all the goals. They currently just started his trial home pass with the boys.

MeredithRecent Success Stories

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