Changing The World Through Chocolate

Over the years we have had the pleasure of partnering with several amazing organizations, and chief among them is Bellafina Chocolates.

Founded by Brenda Barnicki, Bellafina Chocolates’ singular purpose is to help vulnerable children in our region and beyond. “I started Bellafina Chocolates in my spare time while working as a Vice President in a Fortune 500 industrial company. I wanted to help underprivileged kids, and we quickly raised several thousand dollars for children’s charities. Barely a year later a corporate restructuring left me without a job and pondering what to do with the second half of my career. I believe that God gives us certain gifts, talents, and circumstances for a specific purpose.”

Brenda’s ability to turn a job loss into an opportunity to help others through delicious chocolate creations serves both our community and your palate. Her vision for the future has given many individuals and non-profits the platform to extend their outreach, and Bellafina has allowed us to enhance social enterprise opportunities through our Woven coffee blend. They not only sell Woven in their store but also employ women from our programs to help process, package, and deliver Woven throughout the community. This, in turn, provides them with the chance to learn new skills and continue to thrive – which helps restore both their confidence and their families.

Photo courtesy of Bellafina Chocolates


Bellafina also makes and distributes made-to-order gourmet artisan truffles designated to benefit Families Free. Each box of Families Free truffles features artwork by our Board Member Myra Phipps. After an act of domestic violence disabled her right hand, Myra taught herself to paint with her left hand. She now uses her story and skills to show others the benefit of art therapy. Bellafina has amplified Myra’s amazing story of hope and healing, and we are grateful for Brenda and her team’s continued support. #LoveRestores

MeredithChanging The World Through Chocolate

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